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Live Piano Performance / Hungarian Folklore Evening
We will help you experience the most romantic evening of your life

Everyone longs for a little pampering, romance, an unconventional activity every now and then! We take care of these days and evenings! Don't hesitate to invite your partner to a nice Danube Cruise, where you can really relax, enjoy a glass of wine or a glass of champagne, while toasting together and planning your future together. How relaxing does that sound? Our catered dinner programme is not only for those who have been enjoying each other's love for many years, but can also be a great opportunity for those who are just forming a strong bond. Why not make this your first memory together? Why not, 10-20 years later, tell your future children about the day you sailed the Danube together!

About our cruise service

When you ask a woman what was the most romantic experience of her life, she will most often mention: a dinner in a restaurant, romantic music in the background, a boat trip on a river, an evening walk with a glass of wine and a hand in hand. Our dinner cruise programme offers all this in one place for our visitors.

Sometimes every couple deserves a day that is just about the two of them. A good programme will not only help you to tune in to each other during the day and create new experiences together, but will also help you to enjoy a more relaxed romantic dinner in the evening. Join one of our daytime sightseeing tours!
An atmospheric panorama of Budapest and the illuminated city. It's no coincidence that Budapest has been voted the most beautiful city in the world for the umpteenth time. And there's no more romantic place to view this unrivalled spectacle of sights bathed in night light than from the deck of a Danube dinner boat.
What could be more romantic than a dinner on a Danube boat? The evening city lights play in the water's reflection, and our ears are caressed by the gentle piano melodies. Our luxury boat is perfect for a proposal, engagement party, anniversary or even a first date!

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