Unlimited Booze Cruise Budapest




Cruise in Budapest + Drinks, as much as you can afford
85-minute preparatory tour
Become a tourist of our capital!

Unlimited drink consumption on board our boat is ideal for families and groups of friends, on weekday afternoons or weekends!
85 minutes cruise in Budapest with unlimited drinks!
Cruise and 85 minutes Unlimited drinks
Want to warm up before a late night program? Or maybe you just want to join your friends for a light afternoon or weekend activity? Our offer is almost unmissable, for those who love the water, the view, Budapest and a variety of drinks on board to enhance the atmosphere!

What drinks can you choose if you want to relax with us?
House wines (white, red and rosé)
Beer on tap
Champagne (sweet and dry)
Coca Cola soft drinks (Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta Orange, Kinley Ginger, Kinley Tonic)
Mineral water
Tea and Coffee

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